What Makes a Psychology Movie

Psychology studies human mind and behavior which are about all movies tend to demonstrate.  Thus we could say, all movies are psychology movies; in other words, every movie touches some aspect of social psychology at least.  On the other hand, from the scholar perspective we can see that some movies are more relevant to theories, concepts, and applications of psychology in specific disciplines. For the purpose of psychological studies, we select and review movies in the following categories.

Mental Disorders

Typical psychology movies demonstrate various mental disorders which are most relevant to abnormal psychology, clinical psychology, and psychiatry.  These movies help psychology students learn and understand mental illness and conditions such as schizophrenia, autism, anxiety, depression, etc.

Psychological Occupations

Many movies feature characters in psychological professions, – psychologists, behavior science researchers, mental health service providers, therapists, psychiatrists, clinicians, etc.   These movies reveal some aspects of career life in psychology.

Psychological Workplace

These movies illustrate themes of psychological work environment such as mental hospitals, clinics, counseling office, schools, research institutions and laboratories for mental health, etc.  These movies present functions of psychological services and relationship between services providers and clients.  Psychology students need to be aware of that some of the presentations may not be accurate.

Abnormal and Criminal Personalities

These movies focus on the complexity of personalities.  Many of the movies reveal ill-minded personalities and criminal motivations, often in stories of crimes.  These movies are most relevant to forensic psychology and personality psychology.

Relationship and Emotions

Relationship and emotions are the areas of psychological studies mostly impacting to our daily life.  A lot of movies fabricate intriguing relationships of love, mirage, and families.   Some movies show vivid, sometime intensive emotions in various social situations.  These movies make great references in study of social psychology.