In this website I share my thoughts and reviews on movies relevant to studies of psychology.  I am currently a doctoral learner in the Ph.D. program of psychology with emphasis on industrial and organizational psychology in Grand Canyon University.  Although I’ve been interested on social science, I was trained in engineering and have been working in technology fields, thus when I started the graduate study in psychology I sometimes feel puzzled with theories and concepts of psychology.  After all, I was never in a psychology/sociology class in the past until I began the online course with GCU a year ago. Luckily, the principles of psychology are highly integrated with our daily life.  All people, ourselves and others, are live subjects of the study of mind and behavior.  Even better, many movies, old and new, vividly demonstrate dramatic cases and of psychology.  I find that when watching with psychology concepts and ideas in mind, a movie may answer many “what”, “how”, and “why” questions in psychological study.  Thus film can be used as an effective instrument for assisting academic study in psychology.  This is my motive to creating this website: to document my knowledge acquisition from psychology film watching; to share psychology learning experience with other learners using the film instrument.