The Motion Picture Prescription: Watch This Movie and Call Me in the Morning: 200 Movies to Help You Heal Life's Problems

"Films are our stories, " says Solomon, and stories have been used therapeutically since primitive humans first began to spin tales around campfires. One thing remains constant: stories can teach, and they can heal. Many counselors and therapists may informally make use of movies to help people explore important psychological issues. "The Motion Picture Prescription" lists "200 Movies to Help You Heal Life's Problems", as the subtitle puts it, with brief synopses of the films, short lists of "healing themes" in them, and comments about the key story elements. For example, Solomon writes about "Rain Man" (with Dustin Hoffman as the autistic savant brother to Tom Cruise, unknown to him for decades): "Some families keep secrets that eventually come to light, leaving those who are still alive to deal with the legacy of the family lies. There's no room for secrets in a loving relationship... Can you see Charlie [Cruise] was taking his anger out on Raymond [Hoffman] when he was really feeling hurt and sad over his father's abandoning him?"

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