E-Motion Picture Magic: A Movie Lover's Guide to Healing and Transformation

The 230-page E-Motion Picture Magic was writen by Birgit Wolz and published Glenbridge Publishing Ltd.(1st ed.;  2004). It is a fantastic guide to solving emotional problems by interacting with the stories and characters portrayed on the silver screen. We know that movies are entertaining. But now we know they can also be therapeutic.

Like no other medium before it, the popular movie presents the potential of a new power for illuminating the depth of human experience. E-Motion Picture Magic employs that power as a tool to increase consciousness.

Cinema therapy offers more perspective on life, prompting the viewer to step back from his or her problems in order to feel less insecure, worried, or discontented. Using films for self-improvement allows a shift in perspective when viewed with conscious awareness.

The use of movies for personal growth and healing carries forward a long-standing connection between storytelling and self-reflection that may date back to the beginnings of spoken language. The movie experience used in very specific ways can have significant benefits for those who are willing to apply themselves using E-Motion Picture Magic that can be both beneficial as well as enjoyable.

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